MiniCrib Updates - January 2019 (version 29_01)

Additions to MiniCrib

Two Wise Old Owls - Female (S8x32)
Two Wise Old Owls - Male  (S8x32)
Rudolf Spägele
There And Back Again  (R2x64) Ann Malley  SCD for Children and Teens
The Banks of the Devon  (J8x32) Hugh Foss
Meols Village Jig  (J3x32) David A Haynes
Hanna's Pride  (J8x32) Avril & David Quarrie  Dunsmuir Dances
60 And Still Going Strong  (R8x32) Sue Petyt
Mo’ili’ili Jig  (J8x32)  Mary Shoolbraid Brandon  The Emigrant Scot
Barley Twist  (S3x32) Val Hodgson
Fraoch-Badain  (S3x32)  Andrew Hodgson
The Pride of the Murray (R8x32)  Iain Boyd  The World Around the Corner
Wyches of Cheshire (S3x32) Liz Bruynooghe
Miss Lucy Fallon  (S8x32) David G Queen
Blue Shoes  (R8x32) Gordon Lloyd  Oxford University SD Society
Och, Aye  (J8x32) Thomas Ibbotson  Oxford University SD Society
Lamp Black Lizzie  (J4x40) Pat Davoll  Oxford University SD Society

16 new cribs added in this edition.  Most of our efforts in the last few weeks have gone on checking and amending cribs, where necessary, and updating / maintaining our collection of original dance descriptions/publications.