MiniCrib Updates - April 2018 (version 28_04)

Additions to MiniCrib

Val's Juniper Strathspey  S3x40
The A 57   J4x32
A Birthday Strathspey   S32 (Round the Room)
Helen Freer
Barbara Handley
(Manchester 75th Anniversary)
Boxing the Compass   Medley Malcolm Brown
The Weaver Strathspey   S4x32 Stuart Ross
Pat George's Strathspey   S5x32 Pat Harland (Sunday Class Bk 2)
Vin Tyndall of Forfar   R4x32 Peter Lockwood (Rannoch Sheet 1)
Welcome Home the K.O.S.B   S4x32 Bert & Kirsty Rae
Old and Dangerous   S8x32 Gary Thomas
Dandie Dinmont   S8x32 Hugh Foss (Waverley Fugues)
Val's Fancy   S8x32 Hugh Foss (Castledeen Album)
Auchencairn   R8x32 Hugh Foss (Glendarroch Sheet 12)
The Earl of Angus and Arran   S8x32 Hugh Foss (The Wagstaff Set)
Millquarter   S4x32 Hugh Foss (Glendarroch Sheet 37)
Tarbert Fair   J4x32 C Coombs, Tarbert
Waterways   S4x48 Maureen Gambling & Kim Kolodziejczk
Six Belles of Bon Accord   S6x32
The Lindisfarne Strathspey   S4x32

John F Rigby
John F Rigby
(Lindisfarne Strathspey & 8 Other SCDs)
The Weakest Link   S4x32 John F Rigby (Nine Scottish Country Dances)