Scottish Country Dance Videos

There are over 1000 links to videos of performances of dances available on the internet- most helpful if the cribs and diagrams are still leaving you in the dark! Why not take at look at these websites:

The "Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary" by Reuben Freemantle has a very comprehensive list of links to YouTube videos arranged alphabetically by dance title  Go to the Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

The "Scottish Country Dance Database" at My Strathspey (run by Anselm Lingnau in  Germany) provides a resource for all those interested in Scottish Country Dancing.  
Go to the SCDDB

Alastair M Pettigrew (Stirling) has a YouTube channel featuring Instructional Videos for around 50 favourite Scottish country dances.  The videos have voice over and on-screen instructions which make learning a dance really easy. 

MiniCrib Links to videos

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The Rutland Reel   (Reel 8x40 bars)    devised by Robert Senior 
Published in  RSCDS Book 48 & The Sunday Class Book 1
Get Video
Dances devised by Gaye Collin  
Dancing in Kirkcudbright (Strathspey 4x32)   Get Video
Fisherman Ginger’s Reel (Reel 8x32)             Get Video
Dave Macfarlane’s Reel  (Reel 8x32)             Get Video
Surprising Hannah  (Strathspey 3x32)            Get Video
Orange to Aotearoa  (Strathspey 3x32)          Get Video
Frances's Goat Track (Reel 4x32)                  Get Video
Liam Thomas (Jig 8x32)                               Get Video
Twisted Rights & Lefts  (Reel 8x32)              Get Video
Dancing the Baby  (Reel 72 bars or Medley R72+S72) Get Video
Peter Price's Strathspey (Strathspey 5x32) Get Video
Susie from Penilee  (Strathspey 8x32) Get Video
Easy Peasy Rights & Leftss  (Jig 4x32) Get Video
St Aidan's Church Hall  (Strathspey 4x32) Get Video
Joyce Mcleod  (Jig 5x32) Get Video
The Flowering Heather  (Strathspey 3x32) Get Video
Butterfly  (Reel 4x32) Get Video
The Musicians' Wedding  (Strathspey 4x32) Get Video
A Babbling Brooke  (Jig 8x32) Get Video
Dancers' Companions   (J8x32) Get Video
 Flirt in Isolation   (S3x32) Get Video
 The Isolated Weasel  (R8x32) Get Video
 Twisted then Chaperoned   (S8x32) Get Video
* Allemande to Go  (R8x32) Get Video
* A Little Bit of Monty  (J8x32) Get Video
* Tall Guy's Strathspey  (S8x32) Get Video
* Twisted Yet Again  (J8x32) Get Video
* Our Key to Florence  (S4x32) Get Video
* New videos added 30th November 2020