Frequently Asked Questions

When I open the zip file all I get is gobbledygook:

The MiniCrib files you download are .dot or dotm files (document templates for Word).  These are quite large files and so, to speed up the download process, they are “zipped” or compressed.  If you try to OPEN a zipped files you will indeed get gobbledygook!  Here is the process to follow:

1.  Select and download the version of MiniCrib you require.
2.  Locate the zipped file you have just downloaded (eg in “downloads” look for
3.   Double click on the zip file – Windows should then open another window
showing the contents of the zip file – ie “Minicrib_Advanceddot”.
4.  “Drag & Drop” onto the desktop or alternatively “right-click” on and select “Copy”, close all windows until you can see the Desktop , “right click” on a blank area of the Desktop and select “Paste”
5.  If you now “double click” on on the Desktop, Word
will start up with Minicrib on the screen.

The Welcome page has appeared but there is no "Footprint" button on the toolbar:

In versions of Word 2007 - 2019 & Office 365 you need to click on the "Add-Ins" tab on the menu bar to bring up a new "box" with icons for all the tasks you expect, including the "footprints".  If you havve problems with this please email for more detailed instructions.

On clicking the Footprint button a window appears warning that the Macro has been disabled:

The Macros in Minicrib are very large & Microsoft system is suspicious of them.

1.  Clear the window & try again, alternatively press Alt+X.  
2.  If this results in the same warning the check your security settings by
3.  Click Tools/Macro/Security, set the security at Low
4.  If the warning still appears clear the box in "Trusted Sources".  
The Footprint button should now work OK.  (This Footprint button is a short cut for the following action – Tools/Autocorrect/Autotext.)

We hope this information is helpful, but it may not cover your specific issue with MiniCrib.  If you email us at we will do our very best to help. Please tell us the version of MiniCrib causing the issue and also the version of Microsft Word you are using.
Don't forget to let us know how you get on - feedback is always appreciated.