April 2024 (Version 34_02)

What's different in this update?

We've added 40+ new cribs this month, some newly devised dances - details sent to the MiniCrib Team over the last few weeks, plus filling in the gaps with dances published years ago. There are some really interesting dances in the mix, some are quite challenging whilst others are more straightforward, including dances for 4 persons and 3 persons.

The main source of the cribs in this edition are from:
"The Wasatch Mountain Collection" - Salt Lake Scottish Country Dancers
"The 40th  Anniversary Book of SCD" - RSCDS Bristol
"Woodside Collection" - Alba Scottieh Country Dancers

You can download new cribs here

We have decided to separate out the page of Abbreviations used in MiniCribs. You can download a handy single page document showing just the abbreviations we use in our cribs here

In the same way, you can download descriptions for many of the figures or formations found in our cribs here.  If you wish, you can copy and paste a figure description into you crib sheet to give more detail if required.