The Diamond Set Collection (Bardill/Prince)
Dances for 5 person sets

Please begin by reading the index.  It explains the notation used & describes two  new figures.

The dances are listed in the columns below the easier ones at the top, the more demanding lower down.




Muckle Beck

The Groombridge Waiter

Strathspey Sandwich
(Medley S-R-S)

Light As Thistledown

Reel of the Emperor's Egg


Supping Honey

Roeder Rant

Bayham Abbey

Fiona's Fancy

Echoes of Baudy

Memories of Marian

Pandora's Box

On Bidborough Ridge

High Five

The May Fly

Henneker Reel

Fleur de Lise

Blue Bell-bottoms


Lucy Serena's Stathspey

Reel for Five Dances


Land of Dreams

The Complete Diamond Set Dance Collection (21 dances)