The Bardill/Prince Collection of Dances
Year by year dance collection 2006 - 2016 

Dances 2006 - 2009
Bridesmaid's Posy Reel 4x32
  Coach & Four Jig 4x32
§ Lucy Serena's Jig  Jig 8x32
  Grimesmoor Strathspey 4x32
   Pigott's Jig Jig 4x32
§ Down By Salley Gardens  Strathspey 4x32
   Mrs Parkhill's Reel   Reel 8x32
§ Tutsham Mill  Jig 8x40
§ 2 PM Jig 4x32
  Amadis of Gaul   Jig 8x32
  Canada Rising  Jig 3x32
§ Itchen Abbas   Medley (Strathspey 3x32 / Jig 3x32)
  Lizzie Mickery's Reel   Reel 8x32
§ The Ropemaker's Reel   Reel 4x32
Dances 2010 - 2013
§ Hadron Collider   Reel 8x32
§ Lilileaze  Jig 3x32
§ The Quarry Triumphant  Jig 8x32
§ Balgowan House Strathspey 4x32
§ Rolverdon Reel Reel 6x32
  The Gentleman's Cravatte  Jig 4x32
  Flick O' The Kilt  Reel 6x32
  Jeannie's Awa'  Strathspey 4x32
  New Willow Bank Reel Reel 8x32
§ Abbotsleigh  Jig 8x40
  The Dancing Devil Jig 8x32
  Glancing Eyes  Strathspey 3x32
  Powdered Quaker  Strathspey 3x32
  Starboard Homeward   Reel 8x32
  Stockhill House  Strathspey 3x32
Dances 2014
  Beyond Bond  Jig 4x40 (Square set)
  Brackenberry Rant Strathspey or Reel 8x32
 Court Circular  Jig 4x32
  Daily Bread  Jig 8x32
  Dancing in the Air  Reel 8x32
 The Flying Cats of Frisco Reel 8x32
 The Gypsy Bracelet  Strathspey 3x32
 Rapunzel  Strathspey 3x32
 Wickham's Fancy  Reel 8x32
Dances 2015
 Twists & Turns Index of new figures in 2015 dances
 Marshal's Rosette  Strathspey 3x32 (Triangular set)
 The Sixpenny Maid    Reel 8x40
 The Fourpenny One  Jig 8x32
 The Henneker Rant  Strathspey 3x32
 Ena Harkness  Strathspey 8x32
 Mining For Flint    Reel 8x32
 For Ewa   Strathspey 4x32
 The Shimmying Bee  Jig 8x32
 The Dark-eyed Sailor   Strathspey 4x32
 The Perfect 6   Jig 5x32
 Lady In The Ring Reel 8x32
 Poseidon's Messengers Reel 8x32
 The Margarets of Herstmonceux   Reel 8x32
Dances 2016
 Trip to Scarba Reel 4x40
 The Sweet-Scented Airs Strathspey 4x32
 The Peacock's Tail Reel 8x32
 Chasin' Raisins   Jig  8x32

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